Super Asset Group is an integrated property investment and development group of companies operating throughout the UK. We provide property investment and development opportunities for both individual and institutional investors within the UK and globally. Our rigorous project appraisal processes identify real estate opportunities that offer superior return on investment potential. We have successfully completed a significant number of residential, mixed use and commercial projects. Focused on knowledge centres throughout the United Kingdom and overseas, we seek to unlock value in every investment while contributing to the vibrancy of evolving cities. Our investment approach has been guided by a belief that arithmetic alone cannot produce superior performance – an understanding of the power of strategy is required.

We have the capabilities, experience, skills and funding to manage projects from initial concept right through to generating a return on your investment. Our capabilities include skills of design, planning and project management, with the support of our finance, legal, procurement, sales and marketing teams. To reinforce and supplement our in-house resources, we work with trusted individuals to ensure that our work meets the highest quality standards and generate maximum value.

Managing equity
from investors


track record

in acquisitions, planning and development funding

A balanced portfolio
across a broad spectrum of properties


We invest in places with unique intrinsic value that benefit from rising markets. Our team consists of veterans of real estate who develop a plan to achieve the financial objectives of our clients and then draw from our team of professionals to execute the exact approach. We apply a strategy-driven investment approach that revolves around three primary themes.

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